• Log into your BitPesa account on www.bitpesa.co and click on New Transaction.
  • Enter amount you have or want on your transaction dashboard then click Continue. This is available for the available currency pairs: NGN or BTC to CNY.
  • Select Myself if you’re making payment to your account or Someone else, then fill the recipient details and click Continue. Please be sure to add the beneficiary’s name in Chinese characters too.
  • Input the recipient's payment details: bank account number and phone number then click on Continue to proceed to the payment confirmation page. Click Send Payment to see payment instructions.
  • Send NGN or BTC to the details displayed (Paga and Bank Transfer for NGN and Bitcoin address for BTC). Please follow the instructions to the letter to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • We will confirm your payment and initiate CNY payout which should happen in a few hours directly into your recipient’s bank account in China.
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