When buying bitcoins with UGX, please follow these tips to prevent any unnecessary delays:

  • When you are ready to purchase some bitcoins, ensure the mobile number you want to use is already saved on your profile. Always pay with your Airtel or MTN number. 
  • Do not pay before initiating the New Transaction. If you do, your transaction will not be completed.
  • Do not add any extra amount to the figure to cater for fees or anything else. Pay exactly what you see on the BitPesa transaction as the fee is already incorporated. If you realize you have less money than the amount on the transaction started, please do not pay. Start a New Transaction.
  • When paying, always use bitpesa as the reference, not any other word or number. If you do, we will have trouble finding your payment. These are the detailed instructions on how to pay via mobile money: http://help.bitpesa.co/country-guides/uganda/how-to-buy-bitcoin-with-mtn-or-airtel-money-in-uganda
  • If you do not follow the recommended advice and payment does not go through successfully, we will have to refund. While we are working on auto-refunds, currently refunds are not automatic and can take up to one business day to be complete.
  • Currently we do not encourage transactions done after-hours as our trading desk is closed by then. You will likely get a different rate past 5.30PM. To avoid this, always transact between 9AM and 5.30PM from Monday to Friday.
  • If you would like to buy bitcoins that are worth more than the mobile money limit (4,000,000 UGX on our platform), submit the request on the New Transaction page and we will provide bank details and rate after that. These transactions take a few hours to complete when done in the morning. You can also split the transaction into two if you want a more instant transaction via mobile money.

We're here to help if you have any questions. 😄 

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