• Log into your BFX account on www.mybfx.co and click on New Transaction.  (Please transact only during business hours: 9 - 5.30PM, Monday - Friday)

  • Choose BTC in the “You sell" field and TZS in the "Recipient gets" field. Enter the amount of BTC you would like to sell or amount of TZS you would like (recipient) to receive. Click NEXT.

  • Select your recipient by adding a new one or selecting one from your saved list. 

  • To add a new recipient, add recipient’s names and email address. The mobile number is mandatory for mobile payments. Save the recipient.

  • On the RECIPIENT AND REFUND page, enter your wallet address and click NEXT. Your wallet address is necessary when the transaction fails upon which we need to refund your bitcoins. A transaction may fail for several reasons e.g. provision of invalid recipient details or bitcoins sent late after the transaction is already cancelled.

  • Review and confirm payment details on the next page then click CONFIRM AND PAY.

  • Send bitcoins to the address displayed on the new page.

  • Your recipient will receive TZS in his/her account within the hour! Please allow some time for blockchain confirmations.

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